Aaron Hernandez fiancée addresses late NFL star’s sexual orientation in new book

Olivia Thibou had been looking forward to sleeping in on her day off. But at a. She ignored it at first, but it wouldn’t stop. The two women had become close—they call each other “sisters”—since Lloyd’s death in Two years later, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of Lloyd’s murder and sentenced to life without parole. Why are you calling me this early? She didn’t answer, but a thought kept nibbling away: What if there were some sort of emergency? So Thibou called Jenkins back.

Aaron Hernandez Trial: The Sisters at the Heart of the Murder Case

On June 26, , the nation awoke to the sight of a star player on one of the NFL’s model franchises being escorted out of his house by police, a T-shirt pulled over his cuffed wrists. Police initially had no suspects. The Boston Globe reports the incident, which at the time had no immediate connection to Hernandez.

Shaneah Jenkins was in a serious relationship with Odin Lloyd and it #​AaronHernandez Mother of murder victim Odin Lloyd & his girlfriend.

In papers filed Monday, prosecutors argued the judge should reconsider. While there, Hernandez and Bradley got into an argument about how the bar tab would be divided, the filing said. After they left the club, the filing said, Bradley realized he had left his cellphone there and Hernandez refused to go back. Employees at a nearby store found Bradley minutes later. Bradley was seriously injured and lost an eye but survived. Hernandez also is charged in the killings of two men in Boston after someone spilled a drink on him at a nightclub.

He has pleaded not guilty and will be tried later.

Aaron Hernandez timeline: From murders and trials to prison suicide

How did you find out About us? Although there aaron been no confirmation directly from Shaneah Jenkins, many people have said and reported on the fact that Jenkins was the former girlfriend of Odin Lloyd. Dating year-old Lloyd was a semi-professional football player from Dorchester, Massachusetts. Read Dating Aaron Heavy.

Hernandez, a former tight end with the New England Patriots, was convicted in in the killing of Odin L. Lloyd, who was dating the sister of his.

However, his promising career was derailed when he was arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd in June He was convicted of first-degree murder in the Lloyd case in April Following his death, a judge erased his murder conviction, abiding by Massachusetts case law which calls for convictions to be vacated if the defendant dies before an appeal can be heard. Later that year, it was revealed the former football player had been suffering from an advanced form of the degenerative brain disease CTE.

He earned first-team All-State honors after leading his team to the Central Connecticut Conference Southern Division Championship, though his senior year was marred by the untimely death of his father after complications from routine hernia surgery. Hernandez became a star tight end at the University of Florida. At 6’2″ and pounds, he was a sturdy blocker, but also possessed the soft hands and breakaway speed of a wide receiver.

He was an honorable mention All-American for the team that won the National Championship and named a Consensus All-American the following year, and his catches across three collegiate seasons marked a school record for tight ends. Despite his obvious talents, NFL teams were wary of drafting Hernandez due to his admitted flunking of a drug test. He fell to the fourth round in the NFL draft before the New England Patriots selected him with the th overall pick.

The Latest: Lawyer for Hernandez victim’s mother still suing

Aaron Hernandez immediately became the primary suspect, as Lloyd was last seen with him. Odin Lloyd was just 27 years old when he was shot dead in , but unlike most other gun-related homicides in the U. Lloyd was tragically mistaken. Odin Leonardo John Lloyd was born on Nov.

Hernandez was convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd, who was dating Shaneah Jenkins – the sister of Shayanna Jenkins, Hernandez’s fiancee. Read Full Story ❯.

The New England Patriot star, who was found hanged in his cell on Wednesday, was allegedly taunted by Lloyd, who was dating his fiancee’s sister. Investigators are reportedly probing whether former NFL player Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd to stop him revealing he was bisexual. Football star Hernandez, who was found hanged in his cell on Wednesday, was allegedly taunted by Lloyd just before the murder. He was serving life in prison after he was convicted for shooting and killing semi-professional player Lloyd on June 17, Before his death Lloyd allegedly called Hernandez a “schmoocher” after finding out he was having an affair with a male friend, according to a report which appeared Friday in Newsweek.

At the time of his death, Lloyd, 27, was dating Shaneah Jenkins, the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee. Investigators now reportedly want to know if Hernandez killed Lloyd to stop him telling his girlfriend, who then might have passed the information to Hernandez’s fiancee.

Odin Lloyd’s Girlfriend: Victim And Aaron Hernandez Were Not Close Friends

Hernandez, who was convicted of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, was sentenced to life without parole. Hernandez’s mother, Terri Hernandez, embraced his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, after the verdict was read. Shaneah Jenkins left , the girlfriend of Odin Lloyd and sister of Shayanna Jenkins, reacted to the verdict. The stakes will remain high as Aaron Hernandez appeals his life sentence and stands trial for the killing of two men in Boston.

6 set for case of Odin Lloyd’s killing. June 24, — Trial date on double murders in Boston is set for May Aug. 26, — Bristol.

Odin Lloyd’s murder also has divided two sisters. Hernandez, a former NFL star, is engaged to and has a young daughter with Shayanna Jenkins, whose sister, Shaneah Jenkins, was dating Lloyd at the time of his June death. The relationship between Hernandez and Lloyd has been debated during the ongoing murder trial, but the rift between the two sisters is abundantly clear.

Shayanna Jenkins, who has been a regular attendant of every hearing since Hernandez’s arrest in late June , has been sitting in the rows behind her fiance, regularly comforting his mother and relatives when they are in court. Her sister, however, sits on the other side of the court with Lloyd’s mother, behind the state prosecutors.

The murder trial is showing the divide that Lloyd’s June death has created between the once-close sisters. The sisters and Hernandez have known each other for at least nine years, as both sisters and Hernandez attended Bristol Central High School in Bristol, Connecticut. Hernandez, now 25, was a star of the school’s football team and went on to play for the University of Florida. Her sister, Shaneah Jenkins, is two years younger.

She was listed as a member of the honor roll after her freshman year and Hernandez received the same award during that same semester, when he had just finished his junior year. Not much is publicly known about what Shaneah Jenkins has done since high school but, at the time of his death, she was dating Lloyd, a semi-professional football player. More is known about Shayanna Jenkins and her relationship with Hernandez, given his high profile at Florida and, later, in Massachusetts after he was drafted by the New England Patriots in Shaneah Jenkins testified Wednesday that she had always been close with her sister, but was taken aback when her sister made an unusual request in the hours after she learned Lloyd had been killed.

Aaron Hernandez’s Murder Conviction Is Nullified

Hernandez, the year-old former tight end for the New England Patriots, has been held without bail since his arrest in June for the murder that month of Odin Lloyd. After weather delayed proceedings in the Hernandez trial, Shaneah Jenkins took the stand for the second time on Tuesday, testifying about her last contact with Lloyd before his body was found in an industrial park, shot six times.

Jenkins, wearing a warm yellow shirt with a large open collar, fought back a frown while recounting how the following day she had called Lloyd three times: once on her way to work, again at lunch, and then before she went to bed. A call from police at 2 a. Click here for footage of the heart-wrenching testimony. Prosecutor William McCauley asked what she learned in her conversation with police.

At the time of his death, Odin Lloyd was dating Shaneah Jenkins, sister of the fiancée of Aaron Hernandez. Death and investigation.

On a recent summer Sunday in inner-city Boston, Odin Lloyd dreamed about his future. He was at a cookout with Darryl Hodge, a friend he was so close to they called each other the Wolf Pack, a man who, like Lloyd, had boyhood hopes of playing in the NFL. But now here they were, years later, playing semipro football in empty old stadiums with beat-up bodies and paycheck-to-paycheck jobs. Imagine, Lloyd told his friend, what life would be like if they could wake up every day doing something they loved.

If they had the money to take care of everybody — family, friends — and fly anywhere they wanted on a vacation. We should be living like that.

Report: Aaron Hernandez’s bisexuality considered as motive for Odin Lloyd murder

Late Patriots star Aaron Hernandez’s murder of friend Odin Lloyd may have been motivated by the victim knowing that Hernandez was bisexual, according to a report. Hernandez was found dead Wednesday morning in his cell at Massachusetts’ Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, where he was serving a life sentence for Lloyd’s death. The motive for Lloyd’s “execution” death near the New England tight end’s mansion has always been unclear, though Newsweek reported Friday that it stemmed in part from Lloyd’s knowledge of Hernandez’s hidden sexuality.

Lloyd’s girlfriend Shanea Jenkins is the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins, and the magazine reported that the then year-old football star knew his victim could have relayed the information to her.

killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd, District Attorney in the killing of Lloyd, a year-old Boston resident who was dating the sister of.

Steele noted that the jury would be released without a verdict being reached, adding the following request from the judge:. Judge asks jury not to watch TV news or “open the newspaper” for the remainder of deliberations – now in critical period. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports reported earlier Thursday on the latest development in the Hernandez trial, as a TV crew violated local law with its actions around members of the jury:.

It was looking at the jurors [in a way] the jurors deemed inappropriate. Jurors park or get dropped off at a parking lot away from the Fall River Justice Center and then are transported to the courthouse in a van. It is an effort to protect them from outside influences whether it’s the media, families on either side of the trial or the general public following the case.

Garsh said that depending on how the jurors reacted, it could have caused either or both of them to be excused from the jury. The current jury of seven women and five men also has three alternates. Losing two jurors could have left this lengthy case that stretched across 10 weeks, with enormous resources devoted to it, in jeopardy of a mistrial. She instructed him to find out what happened and explain it to her later. She threatened to ban WHDH from covering the trial going forward. Bob McGovern of the Boston Herald reported more details from the courtroom following the news:.

Garsh is going to also issue a written order explaining what we can’t do with regarding to deliberating jurors. That means – if we approach a juror – we can be held in contempt and go to jail.

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Aaron Hernandez — the convicted murderer and former NFL superstar — committed a fourth, never-before-known murder, according to a new tell-all book. Never gave me a name, never. Hernandez had been serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in the Lloyd murder. Miller came from a poor family, and was likely involved in illegal activities himself.

On June 26, , Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a semi-​pro football player who was his friend as well as the man dating his fiancée’s.

He went on to become one of their most famous, too — for all the wrong reasons. Four years later, having been acquitted of a separate double murder, he was found dead in his cell having taken his own life. Hernandez was born in Connecticut in into a tumultuous home life. His parents had an explosive relationship that saw them divorce, remarry, file for bankruptcy and get arrested at various points during his childhood.

His father, Dennis, used violence to push his agenda of sporting success onto his sons, often dealing out beatings to them and their mother if they failed to perform to his standards. Hernandez started a relationship with Shayanna Jenkins while he was still in high school. The pair became engaged and had a daughter together in After Hernandez died in , a former high school friend and teammate described engaging in a sexual relationship with him that spanned several years.


The girlfriend of victim Odin Lloyd broke down in tears on the stand at Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial today as she recalled the middle-of-the-night call which brought news that her boyfriend was dead. Hernandez, a former Patriots tight-end, is accused of the murder of Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player. He has pleaded not guilty.

Scroll down for video. Miss Jenkins, who has given composed, measured responses broke down when she described the phone call from a police officer to tell her Odin was dead.

Shaneah Jenkins, Odin Lloyd’s Girlfriend: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know. 1. She Reportedly Dated Odin Lloyd. Although there aaron been no confirmation.

Aaron Hernandez slammed the door on police when they first arrived at his home to investigate the murder of Odin Lloyd — and one of his alleged accomplices fingered him as the trigger man. Those and other fresh details of the case came out in pages of court documents unsealed Tuesday in Attleboro District Court in Massachusetts following a request from media outlets for their release, as well as a separate set of court documents filed Tuesday in Florida.

The documents include police reports, as well as eight separate warrants for Hernandez’s home, car, phones, and security system, all of which detail how the investigation has unfolded, and what authorities have found to date. Hernandez, the former New England Patriots star, has been charged with murdering Lloyd, and with five other gun-related offenses. He has pleaded not guilty. You can read a full backstory on the case here. Hernandez allegedly pulled the trigger Carlos Ortiz, one of the two other suspects police have arrested in connection with the murder, told investigators that a third man linked to the case, Ernest Wallace, told him that Hernandez admitted to firing the fatal shots that killed Lloyd, according to documents filed Tuesday in a Florida court.

Ortiz was arrested on weapons charges, while investigators have pinned the murder on Hernandez.

Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial: Explosive New Evidence