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In a match seemingly made in tabloid heaven, the father of murdered child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey and the mother of missing-in-Aruba teen Natalee Holloway are dating, FOX News has confirmed. John Ramsey , 63, and Beth Holloway Twitty , 46, have been romantically involved since January , though the two met at a fundraiser last year. The couple has been spotted openly holding hands and kissing in Mountain Brook, Ala. They’ve also been seen at various restaurants. Ramsey on Monday denied the reports that they are dating. He said that he and Twitty have a special friendship based on tragedy. Ramsey’s wife and JonBenet’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, died last June of ovarian cancer at the age of Twitty was officially divorced from George “Jug” Twitty in December. Child beauty-pageant winner JonBenet Ramsey was 6 years old when she was killed in December of

Natalee’s Mother Beth Holloway Is Advocating For Other Young Women

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John Ramsey and Beth Twitty — aka the parents of JonBenet Ramsey and Natalee Holloway — are supposedly dating, according to a FOX News report, but JonBenet’s dad said yesterday that they’re just “special friends” grown out of the tragedy that befell both of them. Lin Wood — the Atlanta lawyer who represents both Ramsey and Twitty separately — describes the pair to the AP as “friends who have a great deal of admiration for each other.

The couple, according to the report, have been spotted “holding hands and kissing” in Mountain Brook, Ala. Ramsey’s wife Patsy died earlier this year of cancer, and Twitty divorced her ex-husband not Natalee’s dad last December. Were she alive, JonBenet Ramsey would be 17 years old. Natalee, who is presumed dead after disappearing in Aruba in , would be Got a tip? TMZ Live. TMZ Sports. See His Shirtless Shots! Kourtney Kardashian vs.

Who Is John Ramsey Married To Now? JonBenet’s Father Lives A Much Quieter Life Now

He graduated from Michigan State University. In Ramsey joined the navy , serving as a Civil Engineer Corps officer in the Philippines, for three years, and in an Atlanta reserve unit for an additional eight years. He became president and chief executive officer of Access Graphics, a computer services company and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin.

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Ramsey earned a master’s degree in business administration from MSU in Ramsey joined the Navy in , served as a Civil Engineer Corps officer in the Philippines for three years, and in an Atlanta reserve unit for an additional eight years. He became president and chief executive officer of Access Graphics, a computer services company and a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin. Ramsey, along with his wife Patsy and young son Burke, moved back to Atlanta shortly thereafter. He also claims that because of the notoriety of the case he now finds it very difficult to find work.

The Boulder police considered the possibility that an intruder had gotten into the house and committed the murder. The Ramseys appeared on national television to assert their innocence. Statements were given to the media by John Ramsey’s ex-wife, his brother, and his sister-in-law. They categorically denied that John Ramsey was, or ever had been, a child abuser.

Further, Ramsey’s elder son, John Andrew, and elder daughter, Melinda, told interviewers that their father had always been a loving and gentle parent.

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Bill Romanowski: from Bronco to That’s his role in “Wieners. Fox says that John, 63, and Beth, 46, met last summer at a fundraiser and have been dating since January.

John Ludwick, 32, was stabbed to death on Tuesday after he attempted to kidnap a woman from her vehicle in North Port, Fla., police said.

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By Marianne Garvey. The bureau had hired both Twitty, 46, and Ramsey, 63, to speak at the same event about the loss of their children. Since then, the pair has been spotted openly kissing and holding hands in Mountain Brook, Ala. Natalee, 18, disappeared on a school trip to the Caribbean island of Aruba in May Both cases remain unsolved. This story has been shared , times.

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He graduated from Michigan State University. Ramsey joined the Navy in , served as a Civil Engineer Corps officer in the Philippines for 3 years, and in an Atlanta reserve unit for an additional 8 years. Immediately following the murder of his daughter he was “temporarily replaced so the company did not have to bother him about business matters as he grieved”, according to Lockheed Martin spokesman Evan McCollum. Ramsey soon left his job to move his family to Michigan, where he joined another computer company.

Access Graphics was later sold to General Electric in He also claims that because of the notoriety of the case he now finds it very difficult to find work. The Boulder police considered the possibility that an intruder had gotten into the house and committed the murder.

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More than 15 years ago, the body of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of her family’s Boulder, Colorado home. Now, it seems the father of the girl dubbed Little Miss Sunshine has finally found happiness after the heartbreaking loss of his daughter and his late wife, Patsy. John Ramsey, 67, married fashion designer Jan Rousseaux, 53, at a private ceremony in Charlevoix, Michigan on July The wedding came five years after the death of his beloved wife Patsy from ovarian cancer in , aged

John Ramsey, the father of slain, pint-sized beauty queen JonBenet, and Beth Holloway Twitty, the mother of missing Alabama teen Natalee.

Following Natalee’s disappearance, Holloway has become a speaker on the topic of personal safety. She continued her studies at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro , where she received a Master’s degree in speech pathology. She is a member of the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama. They had a daughter Natalee Ann, who was born in Clinton, Mississippi in , and a younger son Matthew.

Holloway presently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her son Matthew. Immediately following Natalee’s missed flight, Jug and Beth Twitty traveled to Aruba with friends by private jet. Within four hours of landing in Aruba, the Twittys presented the Aruba Police Force with the name and address of Van der Sloot as the person with whom Natalee left the nightclub. Beth Holloway alleged in televised interviews that Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers know more than they have told, and that at least one of them sexually assaulted or raped her daughter.

Dompig denied that any such statement was made, stating that Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers consistently denied having sex with Natalee. On June 12, , three days after the arrest of Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers, and in response to a nationally televised address by Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber reaffirming Aruba’s commitment to solving the case, Holloway stated, “I’m not getting any answers”.

On July 5, , following the initial release of the Kalpoes, Holloway alleged, “Two suspects were released yesterday who were involved in a violent crime against my daughter”, [25] and referred to the Kalpoes as “criminals”. Holloway was criticized for her focus on Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers, to the exclusion of any other theory as to what happened to Natalee. According to the lawsuit filed by the Kalpoe brothers, she has on various television programs repeatedly accused them, and Joran van der Sloot, of “sexual assault” and ” gang rape ” of her daughter.


For parents who lose a child, it’s a heartbreaking experience — especially if it’s still unknown what happened to them. Oxygen’s docuseries The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway demonstrates this trauma as it reexamines the evidence in the twelve year old case. Natalee Holloway disappeared during a trip to Aruba , and the mystery of what happened to the then-eighteen year old has remained unsolved since But what Natalee’s mother Beth Holloway is doing now proves that no one’s life has to be defined by tragedy.

Because while Beth has continued to fight to find out the truth of what happened to Natalee, in recent years, the bereaved mother has said that she finally has begun to move forward from her daughter’s disappearance, and, along the way, she’s channeled her grief into advice for other young women that can help keep them safe. In , an extremely detailed profile of both the case and Beth Holloway’s theories about Natalee appeared in Vanity Fair.

John and Patsy Ramsey presented a unified front in the wake of the In , he began dating Beth Holloway Twitty, the mother of missing.

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According to our records, John Ramsey is possibly single. John Ramsey has been in a relationship with Beth Holloway-Twitty – John Ramsey is an American Actor. He is famous for Chud, Law and Order.

In , People magazine reported that John Ramsey, his father, said “he’s certainly matured” with a girlfriend, and he has “a (k) plan and.

Dutch student Joran van der Sloot remains the prime suspect. A new witness says she saw van der Sloot and Cold Case College Sleuths Try Their Hands Holloway, Levy cases among high-profile whodunits for students Newser – A college club is using cold cases to instruct criminal-justice students in techniques of investigation—and perhaps uncover that crucial piece of evidence missed by police, CNN reports. Police picked him up for questioning after the apparent confession was caught on a hidden Suspect Joren Van der Sloot told a Dutch journalist on a hidden camera that his friend dumped Holloway’s body in the waters off Aruba.

He “put The judge “put the threshold very, very high because, Joran Van der Sloot claimed today that his confession was a lie, but Aruba’s main public prosecutor has reopened his probe and awaits a judge’s ruling on the arrest The high school student vanished in during a graduation trip with her class.

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